John Paul Jones Lodge #271 F&AM    
3025 96th St. NW, Gig Harbor, Washingon

 * 2015 Officers * [pending]  

2014 Officers:
Worshipful Master WB Mark Bray
P.O Box 1077 Vaughn, Wa. 98324
Senior Warden Br Michael Brokaw
7823 67th St. NW Gig Harbor, Wa. 98335
Junior Warden Br Martin Britt
7990 Schoolhouse Ave NW
Treasurer VWB Orton Krueger
4384 E. Collins Rd, Port Orchard, Wa 98366
Secretary WB R.Phill Rice
5516 NE Ponderosa Blvd, Hansville, Wa 98340
Marshal VWB Lee Ison360-340-5886
Chaplain WB Bob Hall253-858-8499
Senior Deacon Br Daniel Brokaw253-514-8197
Junior Deacon Br Jim Mitchell360-621-0621
Senior Steward Br Glenn Giess360-769-2043
Junior Steward Br Tig Dupre'360-876-2622
Musician WB Duran Burton360- 876-4681

Every Masonic Lodge elects or appoints Masonic Lodge Officers to execute the necessary functions of the lodge's life and work. The precise list of such offices may vary between the jurisdictions of different Grand Lodges, although certain factors are common to all, and others are usual in most.

All of the lodges in a given nation, state, or region are united under the authority of a Grand Lodge sovereign to its own jurisdiction. Most of the lodge offices have equivalent offices in the Grand Lodge, but with the addition of the word "Grand" somewhere in the title. For example, every lodge has an officer called the "Junior Warden", whilst the Grand Lodge has a "Grand Junior Warden" (sometimes "Junior Grand Warden"). A very small number of offices may exist only at the Grand Lodge level.

There are few universal rules common to all Grand Lodge jurisdictions of Freemasonry. However, the structure of the progressive offices is very nearly universal. While the precise hierarchy or order of various officers within the "line" of officers may vary, the usual progression is for a lodge officer to spend either one or two years in each position, advancing through "the chairs", until he is elected as Worshipful Master. In addition, there are some offices that are traditionally not considered to be part of the "line", and which may be held by the same brother for many years, or be held by Past Masters.


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